Olive Oil Dough - Brilliant as a Pizza Dough and other Mediterranean Breads

This recipe is made by folding dough. The means of that is explained in the section “By Hand” alternatively you can just knead the dough WITHOUT adding flour

BEWARE: If you are in a rather wet area or your kitchen or house is moist you may need less water as flour absorbs water very fast even if it is in the air. - EXPERIMENT

500 g Strong Bread Flour

20 g Semolina

one pack of fast action dried yeast OR 15 g fresh yeast

320 g warm Water

50 g Olive Oil

10 g salt

a pinch of sugar

This can be made with a machine and dough hook or by hand.

Put the Flour, Semolina and Salt into a roomy bowl and mix with a wooden spoon or the dough hook. Put the yeast in a bowl add the warm Water (it must be warm water) and the sugar and stir. Let it rest for 5 minutes. Empty the yeast-water mixture into the bowl with the flour and mix until it becomes a soft dough. 

With the Dough Hooks:

Speed up the machine and let it knead for about 5 minutes. If you use a handheld machine it may take longer.

By Hand:

Take the dough out of the bowl and put it on a work surface. Now for the folding of the dough: Take all the dough up in the air holding it with both hands. then you slam the dough down on the work surface. Fold one side over and lift it up again. Do this until you have a smooth elastic dough. and there are no more pieces of dough sticking to the surface. (In this video you can see how it is done. It starts at about 3.15 http://youtu.be/yno_JaLvfOc)

Everyone again:

When the dough is finished form it into a ball. Oil a medium sized plastic bowl with Olive or another neutral oil and place the dough ball in the centre. Sprinkle with Plain Flour and cover it with a Tea Towel or alternatively some cling Film. Leave it to rest for about 1 hour or until it doubled in size. The place where you leave it should be warm (between 23 - 30 Celcius) and draught free.

Things you can make with this dough:

Pizza, flat bread, foccacia, ciabatta etc.

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